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Ladies and gentlemen, The Suffering is out on September 11 2020 via Inverse Records!

Be sure to also check out the videos for Pleasures and The Cult of I!


Soulwound, the Kouvola-based metal band led by three brothers has released a sample of their forthcoming third album and new vocalist in the form of a music video. The band's previous vocalist Arto Jauho stepped down from his position in the spring of 2019 and was replaced with his predecessor Ilkka Valkonen, while the video was produced by the band's trusted partner Tino-Viljami Vanhala.

"We were contacted by a few potential vocalists, but practical matters would have made things almost impossible in their cases. However, we soon received an e-mail from Ilkka that consisted of nothing but a picture of an empty pair of boots. We decided to take the hint and see how things would work with him, and from the first rehearsal, it felt like everything just fell into place. Everything felt natural, like we'd just played together a couple of weeks ago instead of 8 years. Our shared sense of humor is also as intelligent as ever. Furthermore, we all live relatively close to our practice room, so the transition couldn't really have been much easier," comments guitarist Niko Huusari.

"Waste of Life was an easy choice as the first song to be released: a straightforward and energetic beatdown that proves we're not too old for this shit. As a matter of fact, I dare say that now with Ilkka bellowing into the microphone, Soulwound sounds angrier than ever and the third album will be really intense. Such a straightforward song called for a straightforward video in the spirit of classic Sepultura, but since Kouvola doesn't have too many deserts to shoot a video in, we had to settle for a gravel pit," continues drummer Janne Huusari.

With the video released, the band begins to seek a publisher and focuses on finishing the third album. The release date is naturally unknown at this point, but the goal is to have the album out as soon as possible and take the band onstage again.



While gradually putting together material for a new album, Kouvola, Finland-based thrashers Soulwound have released a lyric video for the song "Damned", the closing track of their second album "No Peace". Clear and simplistic in style, the video was produced entirely in-house by the band. Comments editor and lyricist Janne Huusari:

"We all hate those oh-so trendy lyric videos that prioritize style over substance and bombard you with enough flashing, moving and spinning images and words to give you a seizure and make the lyrics damn near impossible to follow. So, we decided to innovate and put together a lyric video that actually allows you to comfortably read the lyrics at a natural pace while listening to the song. Imagine that!

Musically, the song is far from any kind of a hit single, as you could argue that it's one of the heaviest tracks on the album, if not THE heaviest. Lyrically, it's one of my more personal pieces, as it deals with standing by and being there for someone who has to bear the scars of a downright horrific childhood. So, in a rather roundabout way, the lyrics actually carry a positive message, and Arto's visceral vocal performance really brought the words to life. This shit comes straight from the heart, so please enjoy!"



So, another year is drawing to a close. We still have a couple of shows lined up, most notably a hometown gig to support the young thrash maniacs Lost Society! That should be one killer evening right there. After that, we're planning on entering full-on writing mode to get another album's worth of material together. We've already got lots of ideas and rough demos to refine, so putting new songs together should be an exciting and fruitful process.


On January 6th, we'll take the stage at Jack the Rooster in Tampere, Finland, to participate in the 2017 edition of the Wacken Metal Battle band competition, the ultimate prize for which is a chance to play at Wacken Open Air. Wish us luck!

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Soulwound, the Finnish thrash metal unit featuring three brothers from Kouvola, Finland, will release its second full-length album entitled "No Peace" via Inverse Records on September 19 in Finland and on October 21 globally. The album picks up where the debut left off, offering fast, brutal, heavy and aggressive metal with both old-school and more contemporary influences forming the basis of the sound and nihilistic lyrics topping things off. Hit potential of any kind or radio-friendly choruses were definitely not on the agenda ‒ instead, the music is hammered out with no pretension or pandering in the spirit of, say, classic Sepultura or the Finnish thrash legends Stone. The songs are brought to life by shouted vocals that are more aggressive than ever, and the album manages to be simultaneously more varied and more focused than its predecessor.

Track list:

1. Intro: Impulsive Aggression
2. Hurt Me Plenty
3. Altars of Skin
4. Alone against All
5. Wasteland
6. Crime and Punishment
7. Misery Index
8. Hate Speech
9. Damned

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